• CPA License #109249

• CA Life & Health Insurance #0J07897

• CA BRE License #01922501

Munni employs a coach-partner relationship with his clients and is very passionate about educating and growing them to maintain financial viability in the present, all while taking proactive efforts to achieve future goals. Trusted and patient are the words that describes him the best, as he works with his clients to ensure the best possible outcome and results through thorough research and analysis. Most of all, he commands high standards of excellence, work ethic, and professionalism.


Our reputation is well-known to be a trusted name, partner, and brand in our industry. As we continually strive to improve, we always maintain our transparency, trustworthiness, and confidentiality that is the foundation of all client relationships


The ultimate characteristic that drives all of our decision making and to exercise our fiduciary duty to our clients. We go the extra mile in ensuring we do what is moral, ethical, and accountable to the public.


Our hospitality, as our biggest pillar of strength and as our culture, allows us to serve our clients with the peace of mind they need and deserve. This is what separates us from the other firms, as we ensure our clients get the best and most positive experience possible when meeting with us and leave with far more education than when they first came in.


Cassie Hildreth     -     Business Office Manager

Elliot Lee     -     IT Project Manager

Career Progression

Find your way to financial freedom by growing with us.

In-House Training

We guide and support you with the latest tools needed to be the best you can be.


Work under other experts and make networking connections that help build your career path.

Job Satisfaction

Our associates rate K&A as one of the fastest growing opportunities in their career growth.

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